Magazine July 2015


Emphasis: A Precious Earthly Thing -Paul Alberts
Worship: The Son Of Man -Frederick W. Grant
Feature: Living Like Pilgrims -Stephen Campbell
Feature: Earthly Things And The Christian -Alfred Bouter
Feature: More Than Money -Martin Girard
Uplook: He Came Down -John N. Darby
Series: Divine Titles And Their Significance -A. J. Pollock
Discover: Discover Questions -Alan Groth
Issues: Reconstructionism Or Dominion Theology -Alfred Bouter
Response: Burned At The Stake is really hard to read.
Overview: Job -Leslie M. Grant
Review: Remembering My Creator Since My Youth -David Anderson
Reviewed by Sam Hadley
YouAsked: I desire children but my wife does not become pregnant. May I divorce her and marry another wife? -Eugene P. Vedder, Jr.
GoodNews: Profit Or Loss
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