Magazine September 2015


Emphasis: When The Lord Works -Paul Alberts
Worship: O Lord, When We The Path Retrace -James G. Deck
Feature: Steady Progress Till A Tragic Fall -Eugene P. Vedder, Jr.
Feature: Given Of Jehovah -Roger Penney
Feature: A Revival In Dark Days -Alfred Bouter
Feature: The Seeker -Albert Stuart
Uplook: Ten Secrets Of Spiritual Growth -Timothy P. Hadley
Discover: Discover Questions -Alan Groth
Series: Divine Titles And Their Significance -A. J. Pollock
Overview: Psalms -Leslie M. Grant
Issues: Gods Thoughts About Philosophy
YouAsked: Was Paul doing what was contrary to grace? -Eugene P. Vedder, Jr.
GoodNews: Free Will? -Alan H. Crosby
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