Magazine October 2018


Emphasis: Matters Need To Be Addressed -Paul Alberts
Worship: Thine Is The Love, Lord, That Draws Us Together -Agnes Mary Harding
Feature: Good Health In Crete -Martin Girard
Feature: Lessons From The Book Of Titus -Alfred Bouter
Feature: Some Thoughts On The Epistle To Titus -Alan H. Crosby
Discover: Discover Questions -Alan Groth
Uplook: Several Points About Trials -Hamilton Smith
Issues: Suicide And The Believer -Timothy P. Hadley
Series: Why Did Jesus Come? -Shereen Ghobrial
Family: What Is Your Attitude Toward Your Household? -H. A. Ironside
Response: Responses
Overview: 2 Thessalonians -Leslie M. Grant
YouAsked: Is the Christian faith a blind faith? -Eugene P. Vedder, Jr.
GoodNews: What Is At The Bottom Of Our Troubles?
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