I enjoyed the relevance of the topics in the September 2017 Grace & Truth Magazine [“Dangers Of The Electronic Age”]. I cut out the verses on “Integrity” and pasted them in my journal. – USA

I write to sincerely appreciate your gift of love: the Grace & Truth Magazine. Your articles are written in plain and simple language; always precise, informative and spiritually edifying. – Nigeria

I am personally edified by the wonderful topics you are presenting. The June and July/August 2017 issues need to get in the hands of every child of God. The probing question “Are You An Idol Worshiper?” is really an eye-opener. – Nigeria

Thank you for sending me your magazines regularly. They have been a blessing to my life and ministry. – Uganda

I was truly blessed by the articles of the July/August 2017 magazine. Be assured, I am praying for every one of you and this literature ministry. – Nigeria