Dependence And The Father’s Business

By Klaas Rot

“And He withdrew Himself, and was about in the desert places and praying.” — Luke 5:16 JND

Prayer in the life of the Lord Jesus here on earth shows us His perfect dependence on the One who had sent Him to accomplish the work of salvation. Right from His childhood it was His desire to be occupied with His Father’s business. The Lord Jesus demonstrated what true dependence is throughout His whole life. He willingly emptied Himself and took a bondman’s form. Yes, the Lord Jesus appeared in this world which is full of corruption and selfishness as the Girded One (Jn. 13:4); He came to serve.

Sometimes people in need sought His service, as we read in Luke 5:12: “And it came to pass as He was in one of the cities, that behold, there was a man full of leprosy, and seeing Jesus, falling upon his face, he besought Him saying, Lord, if Thou wilt, Thou are able to cleanse me.” The man full of leprosy sought out the Lord to cleanse him from this terrible disease. In grace, the Lord exercised His authority over sin and said, “I will; be thou cleansed” (v.13). Of course our blessed Lord was God manifested in flesh (1 Tim. 3:16), yet how beautiful it is to see this same One as a servant exercising His divine power by being dependent on the Father.

Immediately after this incident the Lord withdrew and was in the desert alone to pray. He felt the need after service to be alone with His Father in communion. Often we are fervent in prayer prior to a particular service we are called to perform for the Lord, but true dependence commits our service into the hands of God after it is done as well.

Soon after this the Lord Jesus was occupied with teaching, and the Lord’s power was there to heal them. This is a practical lesson for us. All our service must flow from hearts dependent on Him. Without Him we can do nothing. Let us take an example from the prayer life of the Lord Jesus as He lived and served on earth.