A Purpose That Gives Life

A Purpose That Gives Life

By Paul Alberts

Let’s think about the passing of years between toddler and adulthood. Little children tend to want to be like their daddies or mommies. Toward that end, they often try to dress like their parents or mimic their behavior. Obviously, therefore, it is extremely important that they see a good example in their parents, learning what is right by word and action (Dt. 6:6-9).

Later, having become teenagers, these same kids begin to think about other things. Many teen boys, for example, seek to develop their muscles (Prov. 20:29). Intent on that aim, effort is made and money sometimes spent to be in “good shape” physically. The years continue to pass and thoughts enter the mind of young men and women regarding long term goals and desires, such as college, careers and family. Toward those ends, a number of steps are then taken.

For the believer, choices in such matters need to be made prayerfully, seeking God’s will. Reading the Bible regularly and frequently will guide in this process. We must realize however that the Lord works through small steps. Moses did not become the leader of God’s people overnight; it took decades of training as a shepherd. David was anointed to be king years before he was granted the throne. For both, there was hardship along the way. The list of biblical examples could certainly go on, but thinking of just these two we recognize that the manner in which God worked in their lives was perfect. The failures we find in their stories are related to their own lack of faithfulness.

Before man ever sought a direction for his life, God established His own eternal purpose (Eph. 3:11), “accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.” We realize that God’s purpose is one that we should look at carefully, like children wanting to learn. His was a purpose that involved incredible effort and cost. We may also see that it occurred through a series of steps. These are all points that we recognize to a much smaller extent in the purposes we seek for our lives on earth. Certainly there are many more valuable details to consider, which will be addressed in the Feature articles this month. For now, let us be reminded that we who have put our trust in the Lord Jesus have been blessed through God’s purpose – one that gives life. To Him be the glory!