“Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” —Romans 3:24 NKJV

By Leslie M. Grant

Romans, meaning “strong ones,” gives truth that stands at the foundation of Christianity. Here God is the Sovereign Judge, absolute in righteousness, discovering and exposing the sin of all mankind. He allows no excuse, spares no evil of whatever degree. All are shown to be “guilty before God” (v.19).

Yet in pure righteousness He also offers complete justification from guilt, for this is based on “the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,” who is seen as the great Substitute in bearing sin’s penalty by the sacrifice of Himself. Every true believer in Him is thereby cleared from every charge and is constituted righteous before God.

The significance of the cross is seen too in reference to deliverance from the power of indwelling sin. The truth is so presented as to meet the sinner where he is at the outset, and lead him through soul-exercise out of bondage and darkness into liberty and light. The feet are established in paths of righteousness.

In chapters 9-11 God’s counsels and ways concerning Israel are shown to be consistent with these truths now revealed in Christianity. God is the great Victor. Hence all who trust Him are blessed.

From chapter 12 on to the end, instructions are given as to practical conduct based on the solid and eternal foundation of God’s justifying grace.

How grand a book to establish and settle the soul, and to encourage every godly virtue!