Thanks for sending bulk copies of the magazine to our book room in Tenali. We are personally blessed through the magazine while we pass copies out to other believers in Bombay. – India

Thank you so much for all the good work you have been doing in the vineyard of our Lord. Thank you for all the precious articles you have been writing to win souls for Him and strengthen those who are already in His hands. – Germany

I just want to testify that your magazines are like spiritual medication to my Christian life. Whenever I read your articles I feel like a dose of medication has been administered on me. As a result, I gain new insight into the major topic discussed, which prompts me to share the new lessons with the students in my class. I always look forward to receiving the next edition. – Nigeria

You continue to produce an excellent magazine. It is not only God centered, it is easy to understand – yet with deep, rich truths. – USA

I am so glad and blessed to receive your magazine. I translate some topics and make summaries to share with my brothers and sisters. You are a torch of the Truth in a world so filled with lies. I pray that you might be blessed and provided for in every aspect, spiritually and materially. – Cuba

Author: Sebastien

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