I hereby express my deep appreciation for the free subscription to Grace & Truth Magazine that I have enjoyed for many years. The articles “Faith in God” (Sep. ’14) and “The Lord Is My Helper” (Oct. ’14) were God-sent. – Nigeria

Please let the staff know that not only have I been blessed by the magazine but that I have used portions of it in a ministry the Lord has given me at a local nursing home. Since I have ministered there, approximately 25% of the residents have received the Lord as their Savior. Your organization through the magazine has definitely played a part in that. – USA

I truly enjoy your magazine as it is very helpful to me. The articles help me with my study of the Word of God and then I am able to teach and deliver a message to my fellow brothers. – USA

Thanks for sending me the magazine as it has been spiritually enriching my life. The articles in the December 2014 edition are very good, especially the article “Lord, What It Means For The Believers.” It has given me new insights in the subject. – India

I am blessed through your magazine, using the articles to study my Bible. I also share some on Facebook and with my friends. – Pakistan

Please continue my subscription because I’m using your materials in our Bible study and discipleship for the young people in our local church. – Philippines

I use your magazine regularly for teaching material as part of the Sunday School curriculum in our church. Your publication continues to be a good form of spiritual education to my soul and that of many others. – Trinidad & Tobago

During the years your wonderful magazine has been helping my spiritual life. It is the only mail I hope to collect when I check my box. All the articles bless my soul, but “What Is A Christian?” (J/A ’14) made me know that I am a slave of Christ and as a slave I must obey Him at all times and in every circumstance. – Nigeria

Author: Sebastien

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