When I Consider Your Heavens

By Paul Alberts

I remember during my high school days having an interest in how the world came to be. During that time the Sunday school class I was in studied creation from a scientific viewpoint, using the Bible and an accompanying, accurate book on the topic. There are many such resources available to help individuals as well as pastors and teachers to understand the truth of creation and present it to others factually – a valuable endeavor as the subject is so horribly attacked by many today. 

If we haven’t read our Bibles very carefully, we may think that Genesis 1-2 is the only place that talks about creation. But there are many more passages on that subject. Personally, I like the chapters near the end of Job when the LORDchallenges him as to “where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding, who set its measurements?” (Job 38:4-5 NASB). 

This particular issue of the magazine focuses on the Psalms that speak of creation. Like Job, we will see the greatness of God. among other things, we will see the beauty of His grace, the character of His person, the love of His heart and the praise He is due. as we consider creation, like the writers of Psalms were, our hearts will be drawn to Him. 

Believing the biblical account of creation is critical, for we recognize that as a foundation truth. God creating all that has been made affects everything. We see how small and sinful we are, but we also see a Savior who loves us so greatly. Moral values then have significance for we are responsible to our Creator. Marriage, fatherhood and family relationships become important, having been established by God. People, having been intimately fashioned by God Himself, are precious. 

We hope the articles of this edition of the magazine will be used of the Lord to bless and strengthen you in this day when what is false and wrong is promoted and what is true and right is so strongly opposed. Men of the world want nothing to do with God. We pray that you will, instead, faithfully follow the Lord, looking in hope for His appearing.