Many thanks for sending me your magazines for the past year. Your write-up on “Lying” (Mar. ’13) addressed an important issue that is being overlooked by many Christians today. I believe that many souls have been touched, including myself. – Nigeria

Thank you so much for the January 2014 edition of the magazine. The topics were really inspiring. A call for Christians to “Go!” is what I felt from God to me personally.  – India

Please continue my subscription to your wonderful little magazine. I don’t always agree with your writers 100%, but I want to honor the good work that you all do in the name of the Lord Jesus. – USA

I live alone, an elderly pensioner. I read your articles with great interest and then pass it on to a niece who is getting to know the Scriptures and learning to pray. – Australia

I truly am thankful for your magazine as it aids me greatly in the continuing growth and education of my Christian faith. – USA