Magazine March 2015


Emphasis: Bowing In The Kingdom -Paul Alberts
Worship: Jesus Shall Reign Whereer The Sun -Isaac Watts
Feature: An Invitation -Colin Salter
Feature: Living As His Subjects -Milton Jamieson
Feature: What To Do And How To Do It -Alfred Bouter
YouAsked: Should we preach the kingdom of God? -G. A. Wiese
Uplook: The Parable Of The Ten Virgins -Jacob Redekop
Response: Responses
Family: Engagement And Marriage -Eugene P. Vedder, Jr.
Discover: Discover Questions -Alan Groth
Issues: The Blessed Man -H. A. Ironside
Series: Divine Titles And Their Significance -A. J. Pollock
Overview: 2 Chronicles -Leslie M. Grant
GoodNews: Will God Forgive Me? -Roscoe Barnes III
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