Fully Committed?

By Paul Alberts

In the world of Christianity today there are numerous programs to lead believers of every age to dedicate their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, or at least to live in certain ways that are according to Scripture. Such things can be a blessing. It is interesting to realize that the “need” for these programs indicates just how little believers today are truly willing to surrender their lives to the Lord.

In the topical indexes of hymnbooks on my desk, there are dozens of titles listed under headings such as “Aspiration,” “Commitment,” “Consecration,” “Dedication,” “Leading,” “Revival,” “Stewardship” and “Service.” Certainly the desire to sing what are typically very stirring hymns is present in those counted among the Christian world. But, is the desire to be truly surrendered to the Lord really there? And if the desire is there, does it follow in practice?

What does it mean to truly live for Christ? I think we can find many examples in Scripture of those who lived in this way – some will be found in the articles that follow.

In our lives we may be able to deceive the people around us by presenting an image of a dedicated Christian. But, can God tell the difference? Of course He can! And He may reveal it to those He chooses, as in the case of Peter’s encounters with Ananias and Sapphira. You can read the whole story in Acts 5, but to jump to the ending: Ananias and Sapphira both died for lying to God.

True commitment can only be made in the power of the Holy Spirit. That tells us that an individual must first put his or her trust in Jesus Christ, having come to Him as a poor, lost sinner, realizing the need of a Savior. Then, we must be willing to let God have control of our lives – every part! If we are going to sing those wonderful songs of dedication and commitment, we really need to mean what we express!

God has placed this challenge before us. He wants us to be entirely for Himself – and what could be better than that? As you read the articles in this month’s magazine, prayerfully consider where you stand in truly surrendering control of your life to Him.